Cannabis Innovation

Continuous innovation, powered by in-house medical and product expertise

innovation centre

35,000 sq. ft. Super critical CO2 extraction Edibles Sublinguals
Value-added manufacturing space 40,000 kgs annual Oils Vape Cartridges
Capsules Bath & Body

The cannabis product Innovation Centre in Paris, Ontario is one of the world's most advanced cannabis production facilities. It is the hub of Aleafia Health's cannabis product development. It features analytical and quality testing labs, and  super critical CO2 extraction and cannabis winterization machinery to convert dried flower into cannabis extracts.

The Innovation Centre is responsible for all finished goods manufacturing and packaging, with the final result being one of the most diverse product portfolio's in the Canadian market. It produces many of the staples of the medical cannabis industry including, oils, capsules and sprays. In addition, a suite of newer derivative formats are products here, including cannabis-infused sublingual strips, soft chews, bath bombs, with more to come. Within the facility is an indoor cultivation designated as craft flower which represents approximately 1,000kg per year.

hybrid greenhouse

160,000 sq. ft EU GACP compliant Irrigation 7 drying chambers
Up to 800kgs high potency flower per month Available for EU export Quality/Testing Individually climate controlled

Our Dutch hybrid greenhouse is unlike any other. State-of-art, automated systems including moving container benches, irrigation and quality analysis increase yields, limit costs, reduce risks and allow for a perpetual, year-round harvest.

It features cultivation area equaling three NFL fields providing for high-quality dried flower at scale. The Hybrid Greenhouse is deemed European Union Good Agricultural Practices compliant, an important breakthrough in gaining access to key international markets including exporting to the EU.

outdoor cultivation

3.7M sq. ft. CAPEX complete High-potency Milled Flower 11,600 kg high potency flower (2021)
86 acres Pre-rolls 500 kg high potency flower (2020)

Our outdoor cultivation site in Port Perry, Ontario is an industry disruptor. It was the first operational large scale legal outdoor grow in Canadian history, starting in June 2019, it solidifies a key competitive advantage for Aleafia Health, and accelerates the continued growth of our milled flower and pre-rolls portfolio in the adult-use market.

The facility features 35,000 sq. ft. federally licensed drying and storage buildings, a critical piece in the broader cannabis supply chain. The entire 86 acre cultivation area has underground irrigation and nutrient feeds. In addition to the production of dried flower products, the outdoor harvest is also used for extractable biomass - the key ingredient in many of our high-margin, differentiated cannabis derivative products.

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