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We are Aleafia Health. We improve lives by consistently delivering and innovating cannabis health and wellness products and services.

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We Grow to Provide the World’s Best Health & Wellness Consumer Cannabis Experience Possible

Aleafia Health’s integrated science and data approach drives our transformational purpose of excellence for the consumer cannabis experience.

With Canada’s largest cannabis medical clinical network, we continuously optimize health and wellness so individuals can live their best life. Aleafia Health is committed to being the world leader in providing physician lead innovation of cannabis health and wellness care based on data, research and experience.

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This acquisition will create a global market leader in cannabis health & wellness, driving shareholder value through numerous synergies. Combined, this medical cannabis leader will have renowned national brands, a robust footprint in value-added products and international growth opportunities.

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We're leveraging our extensive cannabis patient experience and professional expertise to deliver interactive courseware, gamification, and certifications for the global community. We work to ensure the global community engages responsibly on cannabis health and wellness.

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Aleafia Campus

Aleafia Campuses are our product innovation hubs where we grow our ideas into global leading innovation and are the core of our cannabis life cycle for health and wellness. Our team’s innovation through patient experience, studies, and cultivation fuels our focus on quality and the consumer cannabis experience.








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Aleafia Health

Aleafia Health’s first international expansion is thru a strategic investment in Australia’s CannaPacific. With 10% equity investment in licensed cannabis cultivator with projected 108,000 sq. ft. greenhouse. Aleafia Health will assist CannaPacific in the establishment of dedicated medical cannabis clinics, with shared expertise across patient treatment and education, physician recruitment and training, treatment best practices and clinic operations

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Aleafia Health’s global commitment to launch a retail cannabis business was accelerated and backed by a $10 million investment by Serruya Private Equity (SPE). The shared vision of building and scaling a retail cannabis network with immediate national reach and global expansion plans is supported by a joint venture and equity investments in Aleafia Health and OnePlant.

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Aleafia Campus Labs has partnered with both Guided 420 Genetics and AKESOgen on a first of its kind cannabis related pharmacogenomics study. The patient study will focus on developing medical cannabis patient genetic screening tools in the areas of THC-CBD sensitivity and metabolism, endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome and cannabis treatment safety and adverse event risk

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