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We just hit 10,000

This week, Aleafia Health reached a milestone I’d like to share with you: we’ve just hit 10,000 active, registered medical patients. In July, that number was 7,000.

That’s a 42% increase over our all time high in just two months.

Growing our base of active, registered patients means increased sales of our high-margin, value-added product portfolio.

The cannabis health and wellness ecosystem is the core of our business. With high quality products, a national network of medical clinics, and our FoliEdge Academy education platform, we offer a highly differentiated value proposition for patients, in Canada and globally.

It’s the integrated ecosystem that sets us apart, and we’re able to leverage it with a strong inventory of medical products.

But there remains a tremendous amount of room to grow our cannabis health and wellness business:

  • A huge number of medical patients are looking for new Licensed Producers they can count on
  • Our 2019 Outdoor Grow harvest will commence in the next two weeks, rapidly expanding product supply
  • And finally, our Paris Processing facility Phase II expansion will be completed next month

We’re just getting started.

Geoffrey Benic
CEO of Aleafia Health

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