Social Media Engagement Policy

What does Aleafia Health do?

We improve lives by consistently delivering and innovating cannabis health and wellness products and services.

What is Aleafia Health’s approach to social media?

We engage with our stakeholders on many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others.

We believe that social media can be an effective method of communicating with our diverse stakeholder group.

We value the engagement and feedback that we receive from our customers and followers through these channels.

We welcome discussion with all of our stakeholders across our multiple social channels, but request that users are respectful and constructive when leaving comments or posts.

Why was my comment deleted?

In addition to complying with the policies for each social media platform, Aleafia Health has additional standards (see below). We reserve the right to remove any content that violates our standards or the guidelines set out by these channels.

General Social Media Engagement Standards

  • Be respectful towards the community and use constructive language
  • There is zero tolerance for offensive, defamatory, threatening, or unlawful posts
  • Do not post spam, or promotions of any kind
  • Do not post any third party materials that you do not have permission to share
  • Do not post in violation of any relevant laws or regulations

Why was I blocked?

Individuals found to repeatedly violate guidelines may be blocked or removed from our community pages.